Who is eligible?

You may be eligible to receive adjuvant (after surgery) treatment with PERJETA + Herceptin + chemotherapy if you have HER2-positive (HER2+)* early breast cancer and:

HER2=Human Epidermal Growth Factor 2

*You must have a HER2 test to know if your breast cancer is HER2-positive.

PERJETA is given in combination with Herceptin and chemotherapy.

Why PERJETA + Herceptin-based treatment after surgery?

Your doctor may prescribe adjuvant (after surgery) treatment because:

Your early breast cancer has a high likelihood of coming back

HER2+ breast cancer is an aggressive form of breast cancer. Despite having surgery to remove the cancer, it may recur, or come back. Your healthcare team will look at a variety of factors, such as lymph node status, hormone receptor status, tumor size and grade, and others, to determine if the cancer you have has a high likelihood of coming back.

The goal of adjuvant treatment is to kill cancer cells that may be left over in your breast or in the rest of your body after surgery.

PERJETA + Herceptin-based therapy after surgery has been shown to lower the risk of HER2+ early breast cancer coming back in certain patients

Recurrence is defined as an invasive disease event or death. 

What are the most serious side effects of PERJETA?

PERJETA may cause heart problems, including those without symptoms (such as reduced heart function) and those with symptoms (such as congestive heart failure).

Receiving PERJETA during pregnancy can result in the death of an unborn baby and birth defects.

How is PERJETA + Herceptin-based treatment given, and for how long?

§IV (intravenous) infusion means that it is administered directly and slowly into the bloodstream through a vein.

Your healthcare team will decide on the exact treatment regimen and the total number of cycles you will receive.

4HER Patient
Support App

An easy-to-use app from Genentech for patients with HER2-positive breast cancer.

financial assistance

PERJETA Access Solutions may be able to help you get the PERJETA you need, even if you can’t pay for it.

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