PERJETA and HER2+ breast cancer

Proposed mechanism of action of PERJETA

PERJETA inhibits dimerization for a more comprehensive HER2 blockade

When used together, PERJETA and Herceptin provide a dual blockade of HER2-driven signaling pathways. To learn more about the proposed mechanism of action of PERJETA, watch this video or read the overview below.

Inhibit HER2 receptor dimerization with PERJETA1

  • The pairing of HER receptors on the cell surface is referred to as dimerization2
  • HER2 dimerizes with the other members of the HER family, including HER1, HER3, and HER4 receptors3
  • HER2:HER3 dimers are believed to be the most oncogenic receptor pairing in HER2+ breast cancer.1,4,5 This pairing is thought to produce the strongest mitogenic signaling and activate two key pathways that regulate cell survival and growth3,6,7:
    • Mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) cell proliferation pathway1,6,7
    • Phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K) cell survival pathway1,8,9

As seen in preclinical models: PERJETA targets a different subdomain on the HER2 receptor than Herceptin does, allowing the combination to provide a dual blockade of HER2-driven signaling pathways.1,10,11

Designed to work with Herceptin for a dual HER2 blockade, based on preclinical studies1

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